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Perfect Game USA Announces...
- For College Coaches to see!
- For Scouts to see!
- For friends and family to see!
- For Baseball fans of all ages to see!
Now BBWTV Members (ProActive level or higher) can add your own videos to the largest database of amateur baseball footage!

With over 1000 registered scouts & college coaches, this is the best place to show your skills and highlights, plus you can update these scouts on your athletic progress, stats, academic information & more using the “Athletic Career Tracking System” that comes with the subscription (powered by
  1. All videos are ‘approved’ prior to appearing on Expect up to 24 hours before videos become viewable.
  2. Members will be limited to 3 uploads per month.
  3. No video longer than 5 minutes in duration. Please respect our viewing audience (scouts) to maintain a streamlined viewing experience.
(Must be active Pro-Active Member, Click Here to sign up, then login to begin.)
*To update your statistics, schedules, academic/athletic honors, etc, you will need to login & update your Skillshow “ACT System” profile separately. Be sure to keep this information current, so that recruiters have as much information available that you can assist them with.
Skillshow, Inc. provides all of the video services for BaseballWebTV currently and we can assist you in ‘editing’ your home videos! If you are interested, click here to tell us what you are looking to get edited, and Skillshow can review your home videos and provide a ‘cost estimate’ for video editing services.

Now there is no excuse for not showing that great footage you filmed!